Climate Impact

During climate change induced events such as flash flood in regions with non-porous soils, water logging reduces soil fertility, affecting agricultural produce and ultimately farmer income. These disasters have now been converted into Livelihood opportunity by the women small holders

Once erected, each unit of Bhungroo, with a life span of 30 years, frees 5-10 acres of land from water logging each monsoon, and is giving water for irrigation for at least 20 acres of land in winter. Thus each unit saves five farming families’ land from fertility loss and guarantees cropping for two seasons for next 30 years, ensuring lifelong food security to at least 25 low-income family members, and agricultural income doubling for more than 6 families. Bhungroo thus ensures lifelong food security and doubling of income for marginal and small landholding farmers. 21 Women Climate Leaders have been formed, who have learnt and expanded the process across the fragile villages of disaster affected areas. The system has seen wide adoption and has received support and recognition from the government as well as development agencies worldwide for its work on climate change adaptation and resilience.

In India itself, waterlogging affects 12 states, encompassing 7% of the total national land mass, i.e. nearly 6.7 million ha of land is not cultivable in critical cropping period; A minimum 1.9 million marginal and small landholding farming family members are deprived of food security and sustainable livelihood, and yearly crop loss volume of at least USD 1580M can thus be avoided by use of Bhungroo.