NSPL whole process is proud to have following unique propositions:

• World Bank felicitated the technology for its innovativeness in poverty eradication

• Maiden implementation in India is with high success;

• It has successfully passed through the trajectory of “challenges” to “idea”, “idea” to “prototype”, “prototype” to “implementation”, “implementation” to “business plan”, “business plan” to “scale”, “scale” to “state policy”.

• CNBC and Suzuki teams find the business plan is unique as it is catering the vast no of BoPs within minimum possible time with direct entrepreneurship models for the poor rural women members, guaranteeing an income increment in tune of 200% and that also within first 9 months of execution

• The cost of execution has been reduced to as low as USD 435/acre implying one of the least cost models for disaster mitigation, food security and climate change mitigation technology (till date available in the market)

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• The idea has been reformatted to cater the needs of

o Poor small landholding farmers whose annual income is less than USD 200

o Micro Finance institutions with a guarantee of recovery 98%

o Scheduled and Commercial Banks whose priority sector loan portfolio against lad collateral clubbed

o Government and appropriate public utility service providers – who can ensure food security and emancipation of poor from debt traps

o High Net worth Individual/private donors who can find doubling of their seed funding within first 3 years

o Multilateral agencies (e.g. FAO, World Bank/ADB etc) who can ensure poverty eradication along with climate change mitigation with precipitating growth stimulus in allied sectors

• Whole model is gender centric and inclusive

• ICT enabled monitoring facility

• Now more than 132 units have been implemented and all are working successfully on the ground

• Currently it is part of state finance budget.

• Standard operation protocols have been created for immediate expansions

• Right set of team and human force have been formed and capacitated to meet the need of the scaling process

• Right set of partnerships are in place for taking it forward

• Various form of service delivery models have been developed with guidance from McKinsey’s emerging market team for different form of clients.

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