Environment Impact

Bhungroo works on an environmentally-friendly and sustainable technology that can work lifelong. Its impact can be summarized thus:

  • In each monsoon season, at least 15000 cm of runoff water is being injected inside subsurface unsaturated zones by each unit of Bhungroo whereas average drafting only 8000 cm. Hence, it prevents overexploitation of subsoil aquifer.
  • More than 8800 acres of land has seen cultivation in the last 7 years for two crops in each year without exploiting ground water.
  • It reduces salt deposition of top soil, as seen in 310 landholdings in salinity-affected regions of Gujarat
  • Increases soil productivity
  • Better soil management for pasture and feed provision for Animal Husbandry.
  • All beneficiary community members have water in Bhungroo which allowed them to have trees at the border of the land holding. The interesting point is that all the barren land get its greenery recovered and the trees around the land holding is also having 100% survival rate.
  • Bhungroo has been successful at reclaiming over 6000 acres of land from rapid desertification in the vicinity of the Thar desert (also known as the Great Indian desert).
  • Bhungroo has led to rejuvenation of local biodiversity and growing more nutritious food for local community.