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‘Bhungroo’ provides guaranteed minimum 4 lakh water litre of water each year.

  • No maintenance cost (except changing filtration material)
  • Life span is nearly 10 to 15 years
  • Required only 1 sq mt space on farm
  • No energy required to store the water.
  • It is certified by Department of Science and Technology of India
  • Successfully piloted at various places Pl. visit our project area link.

‘Bhungroo’ installation has various phases of installation.

1. Basic technical feasibility study

‘Bhungroo’ can be installed at certain places and compatible with restricted geo-hydrological conditions. The data sheet is to be filled by the customers (secondary data). To download the basic data sheet, please Click Here

Based on secondary Data, we will analyse it and prepare a brief report about the feasibility of it.

The charges for it in India is Rs. 2000/- +GST

2. Recce Survey

This is an in-depth ONSITE study to finalise the technical feasibility, location of Bhungroo, numbers of units required, area covered and approximate water storage capacity will be worked out.

This is required one day site visit and two days of report writing.

It will be carried out by our expert team.

The travel (modest travel means) and accommodation cost of team will be borne by clients.

The charges for it in India is Rs. 25000/- +GST

3. Hydro-Geological Survey

Based on Recce survey, the expert hydro geologist team will carried out the survey.

The outcome of this survey is

  • Most appropriate location of the ‘Bhungroo’ installation, exact water storage capacity, Design of ‘Bhungroo’ and costing of installation.

This will be carried out by our expert team ONSITE. The cost of instrument and experts will be Rs.50000/-+GST.

4. For both Recce and hydro-geological

cost will be of Rs. 60000/- +GST

5. Design

Based on Geohydrology study date, BHUNGROO design will be finalised

For getting the quote (Pl contact us).

The outcome of this survey is

  • a. Design of ‘Bhungroo’
  • b. Materials to be used
  • c. Pipe assembly
  • d. Coupling details
  • e. Dewatering and cleaning process .

6. Drilling and Filtration Chamber

Based on design and after hydrogeological survey, it will be estimated.

For any technical query, please

Being a social Enterprise, we are ready to support highly vulnerable clients.

We have a special rate for medium level farmers as per the state definition!

There are extremely concessional rates for the small farmers (as per state definition), charity schools, children rehabilitation centre, women rehabilitation centre, Orphanage, hospitals, girls hostel, old age home etc..

Please write to us.

If you are interested please give your details:

Rs. 2000/- +GST
Rs. 25000/- +GST
Rs. 50000/- +GST
Rs. 60000/- +GST