Rain Water Conservation project for drought affected areas in India

Bhungroo, a Gujarati colloquial, means straw or hollow pipe. Bhungroo is a Rain Water Management System developed by Naireeta Services Pvt. Ltd. that injects and stores excessive rainwater underground in reservoirs and lifts it out for use during dry spells. India is a country where droughts are a serious concern for small and medium farmers and the country is plagued by numerous suicide cases of farmers in the rural areas. The Bhungroo water conservation system tries to address this problem by guaranteeing productivity to more than 25 acres of land each year. Bhungroo needs relatively low capital investment once in a life time and it guarantees high agricultural output and soil fertility for the next 30 years. To know more about Bhungroo, go to the website of Naireeta Services at http://www.naireetaservices.com