Rural Poverty Eradication

Naireeta services are enabling poor farmers to get their land freed from water logging with the use of unique water technology, which has been named by locals as Bhungroo (it is Bhunglu in some places).

This innovation has received a World Bank India Development Marketplace 2007 technology award. Naireeta services have supported local agencies in its implementation through a Commune of five women farmers to demonstrate and facilitate use by many. It was made possible through continuous consultation with vulnerable women members by understanding physical, social and economic dimensions of their challenges.

Rural Poverty

"The technology conceiving in laboratory got transmitted in field; in field it got demonstrated in different techno-geological situations; from field the technology and accompanied gender centric implementation process has been translated to scale. From scaling process it has been taken to policy inclusions and now it is getting supported through business plan based development model in different geographies with partnership of local agencies. The process was strengthened by Ashoka Innovators for public as well as its Globalizers’ team from Mckinsey, USA.